Reasons to visit Taiwan

  1. The people
    The perfect hosts, the people of Taipei are so eager to engage with their tourist visitors that it’s not uncommon for locals to strike up conversations with a complete stranger in the street. This is particularly true if said stranger is entangled in the accoutrements of a tourist and looks quite lost. Visit Taipei just once, and you’re guaranteed to make at least one local friend for life.
  2. The amazing scenery
    Those Portuguese sailors were on to something when they named Taiwan the beautiful island. Home to amazing national parks that boast beaches, mountains, valleys, and even dormant volcanoes, Taiwan has such natural beauty that several major film productions such as ‘Silence‘ and ‘Life of Pi‘ took advantage of its scenery.
  3. The food
    If there’s one thing Taiwanese people love, it’s food. While many other cultures make do with three meals a day, locals here place no such dietary restrictions on themselves. The never-ending Taiwanese quest for new tastes and flavors means that there are always new dishes to try and the local passion for street food means that eating out can be quite a cheap alternative to cooking at home.
  4. The night markets
    While the country is pretty lively during the day, it’s when the sun goes down that the place comes alive. Taiwan’s bustling night markets are a sometimes overwhelming fusion of delicious street food and budget-friendly clothing with a light sprinkling of stalls that sell anything and everything. If you were to choose one place to visit during a trip to Taiwan, you can’t go wrong with the local night market.
  5. The architectural landmarks
    Taipei 101 is, of course, the most famous of Taiwan’s modern architectural landmarks attracting huge numbers of tourists each week, but it’s not the only landmark in the country. From shoe shaped churches to stained glass domed subway stations, there’s a plethora of unique buildings that dot Taiwan’s many townships and cities.
  6. The weather
    Yes, there’s the small matter of the typhoon season which runs from June to October to contend with but generally speaking the weather in Taiwan (particularly in the south) is perfect. Lovers of the sun will appreciate the soaring temperatures in the south which is home to some of the country’s most incredible beaches and coastlines
  7. The shopping
    The major cities such as Kaohsiung, Taipei, and Taichung are packed with department stores, boutiques, and gift shops. There are several major department store chains that operate throughout the country so no matter what is on the shopping list, chances are you’ll find it. But it’s not just run of the mill consumer goods that are popular here. Taiwan is famous for manufacturing computers and their components and in Taipei tourists can visit the huge Guang Hua Digital Plaza for all their PC-related needs.
  8. The festivals
    While religious festivals are a common occurrence in Taiwan, there are also many other festivals held throughout the country that capture the imagination of travelers. These include Fulong International Sand Sculpture Festival, Organik techno festival, and the Lantern Festival. In fact, no matter when you are visiting the island, there’s a chance that your trip will coincide with at least one major festival.
  9. The incredible temples
    For the most part, Taiwanese people are quite religious with the huge variety of beautiful temples dotted throughout the country a clear indicator of their pious nature. These places of worship are quite often opulent in appearance with some located in stunning surroundings. And while some tourists may feel a little intrusive by visiting these sites, locals are extremely welcoming to those that do.
  10. Hot springs
    Being located on top of the geologically unstable “ring of fire” has one major upside – no matter where on the island you go, you are bound to be within shouting distance of an amazing natural hot spring.